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SEO ROI Calculator - Introduction and How to Use

Why did we make the SEO calculator?

When doing SEO on our own websites, it was very challenging to know if our SEO efforts would pay off.

Would all of the time, energy, and resources we were putting into the SEO on our site be worth it?

Would we see a positive ROI from our SEO efforts?

Then the light bulb clicked.

seo roi calculator

All of the data and answers were right in front of us, and we could run numbers through an SEO calculator!

We could use the SEO ROI Calculator, BEFORE trying to rank for certain keywords.

This would show us if we had a good change of making profit if/when we were able to rank for our desired keyword!

keyword calculator

First we did all of our formulas inside of an Excel spreadsheet, and realized this keyword calculator works!

After we saw how beneficial this was for us and our clients' websites, we decided to build the SEO calculator for anyone to use!

keyword ROI calculator

And apart from the SEO calculator working extremely well, we were able to keep it simple to use!

You only have to enter information into 5 places on the SEO ROI calculator!

Then it will let you know the potential profit from the keyword you want to rank for!

digital marketing one seo

We Outlined the 5 Places You Enter Numbers into the SEO Calculator in the List Below:

(NOTE: Click the + symbol to expand the sections below.)

This is where the FREE Google Keyword Planner tool can come in handy.

In order to access this tool, follow the instructions below.

google keyword planner

On the next page, click on “Get search volume and forecasts.”

keyword planner search volume

Next you want to enter in the keyword you would like to see search volume for. 


Enter your keyword into the “Get search volume and forecasts” box and click the “Get started” button. (See image below.)

how to get keyword volume on google

Then you will copy the search volume NUMBER where you see 135,000 in the example, for the keyword SEO. (Shown in image below.)


google keyword volume

Simply Paste The Keyword Volume Number Into the SEO Calculator As Seen Below.

paste keyword search volume

This concludes step 1 for using the SEO ROI calculator!

This field contains the estimated percentage of people who click on your website from the search engine results page (SERP).

Average click through rates listed below:

#1 – appx. 40%
#2 – appx. 20%
#3 – appx. 10%

Note: Once you drop off of page one in the Google Search rankings, you'll be fighting for the scraps of the leftover clicks. 

The default in the SEO calculator is set to 40% to show you how many visitors you can get to your site if you ranked number 1.

Of course, you have the ability to edit this box and put whatever number you want, and you can see how big of a difference Google Rankings make.

In step 3 you enter the appx. percentage of people who contact you once they have reached your website.

This is also known as the “Call To Action” “aka the CTA” that a visitors will take when on your site.

Different business models have different CTAs.

Below is a common list of the most used CTAs businesses use:

1 – Contact Us
2 – Call Now
3 – Fill Out The Form
4 – Email Us
5 – Shop Now
6 – Get A Free SEO Audit (This is our favorite.)

NOTE: The default setting in the Keyword Calculator is 10%.

We were VERY conservative with that number.

A strong goal to shoot for is a 15-20% CTA rate.

We have experienced CTAs as high as the 60-70% range, depending on what our CTA was.

This is where it helps to know your business metrics.

If you don't have metrics yet, we recommend you stay very conservative with your calculations on the SEO Calculator.

Here you will enter the estimated percentage of people who make a purchase after taking the CTA on your site. 

(For Example: The visitor to your site filled out a form. You called them back. They purchased your product or services.)

Once again, this is where it helps to know your numbers if you have metrics.

But if you don't have metrics yet, no worries.

Just use very conservative estimates for this field.

(The default is set to 10% that is ultra conservative.)

NOTE: A good average close ratio is 20% for this field. 

We've had close ratios as high as 60-70% depending on the products and services we were offering.

This is the last field!

Here you enter the estimated average profit per customer for the products and services you sell.

NOTE: The estimated revenue that the SEO Calculator will provide is NOT a guarantee.

This SEO ROI Calculator is for entertainment and educational purposes only.